Tasty Brazilian Foods You Have To Try

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When traveling through Brazil you’re going to encounter a lot of food items. Some will be in restaurants, others will be at your hotel, but there will also be a wide array of street vendors to purchase food from as well. No matter what you are in the mood for, make sure that you look at finding the following tasty treats. These will completely change how you look at food, and perhaps even get you to try something a bit left of center. Each option can be found throughout your travels, and should be tasted as regional elements change up the composition overall.

Pao de Queijo

For all intents and purposes, these are just rolls of bread, right? In theory, they just seem like normal little bread items. It’s when you get one and taste it that you will realize that this is a slice of heaven. The bread has cheese baked into it, and while it is rolled into a ball, it’s like eating a little pastry from the clouds.

Feijao Tropeiro

Amidst the many culinary delights that you will want to explore, Feijao Tropeiro is a brilliant little concoction. Take the notion of breakfast, add beans, and then toss around with bacon, and scallions with a little flour and you have yourself a meal that will very much scream to be eaten with a tortilla. This is an amazing little dish that will have you delighted that you’re in Brazil taking in the food.

Moqueca de Camarao

Amidst the traditional cooking options, you’re going to want to seek out this soup. This delight of the ocean will harken to Thailand’s famous dishes, but with a little bit of heat, you’re going to be taken into a whole new cultural endeavor. This shrimp stew has a nice hue of yellow and is like eating clam chowder in an exotic locale (no clams involved), and it is just rich in texture, taste, and simplicity.

Crème de Papaya

Here is one of the most incredible little sweet dishes that you are going to find in Brazil. Take papaya, mix ice cream and top with a liquor and you have this dessert that is going to impress even the most discerning of taste buds. It’s sweet, it’s got liqueur, it’s got the big flavor of papaya and ice cream, it’s a delight.

Of course, the above are just some of the options that you are going to encounter. Make sure that you look out for other delights like Romeu e Julieta, which will delight you with its little slice of guava in your hands.

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3 Events That Illustrate Brazil’s Eclectic Culture

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When it comes to partying, there isn’t a country that gets more creative than Brazil. If you are looking to travel and want to dance, or celebrate amidst cultural leanings that are far from your own, or just illustrate your personal nature, you will want to look into the events of Brazil. Aside from football (soccer), you will find that the city goes crazy for celebration several times a year. This is not isolated to one city either, the whole country explodes in color, dancing, and celebration. These are just 3 events that you may want to book for your next vacation.


Carnaval is a celebration that goes 5 days in length and starts the Friday before Ash Wednesday. This event is a celebration of immense color and style. You’ll find that every major city goes crazy with parades, dancing, music, colors, and so much more. From tribal clothing, to exotic dancing, feathers, and just about every color under the rainbow showcased through the streets, in clubs, and so much more. Think about the most eventful parade in the United States, and then magnify that by hundreds of thousands, and you will get an idea of how immense Carnaval is. With this also comes a lot of costly accommodations. Book early, really early, and you may snap up some good deals, otherwise, expect to pay a great deal for the privilege of seeing this in person. Some of the best spots to see this include Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo, Salvador, Belem, Olinda, Sao Luis, and other destinations.

Cirio de Nazare

If you’re going to travel for festivities in Brazil, consider visiting during the second weekend of October. This will showcase one of the largest and most prestigious religious holidays in the world. This is held in Praca Justo Chermont, Belem. In celebration of Nossa Senhora de Nazare, this is a huge catholic religious event that has been noted to rival Carnaval in scope and size. If you want to see the streets filled with singing, flowers, and religious faithful, then check this out. However, make sure that you take off your shoes, and do a bit of investigation as to cultural leanings here, they are serious about this event. Fireworks, parades, singing, and so much more accompanies this million people gathering of worship. If you’re not keen on sticking around, don’t worry, one insider’s tip for this is to go to Algodoal and Marajo, they’ll be deserted because of this.

Copacabana New Year’s Party

One of the most incredible parties that you are going to see in your lifetime, is that of Brazil’s New Year’s Bash. You will want to go out on December 31st to Copacabana Beach. It’s here that you will celebrate with millions as the night skies turn dark and the New Year is celebrated with amazing people, friends, lovers, and families. This is by far one of the most incredible parties that you are going to find in the world, and it rivals New York City. This turns into an event where upwards of 2 million people ring in the coming year with great joy. Music, fireworks, special performances, and so much more are included in this option. Stay at one of the beachfront resorts and settle in for what very well may be the most impressive of parties in the world.

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The Musical Festivals Of Argentina

Music Festivals Argentina

If you’re looking for more fun in the sun out of your Argentinian vacation than the beach or hiking, or if you’re wanting to enjoy some music not thudding through speakers in a crowded club, you might be interested to know that some of the world’s most famous musical festivals take place there annually. Residents of Argentina are passionate about their musical tastes, no matter what the genre, and they love celebrating all kinds. These festivals draw in huge crowds, and some folks travel to Argentina just to take part in these massive fiestas.

For jazz, look no further than the Buenos Aires Jazz Festival, an event that’s taken place in the autonomous capital city ever since 2002, and still going strong. The festival caters to many different subgenres of this beloved musical style, especially the spicy Latin jazz. It was a smash hit since its inception after the city’s government organized the very first one, and tens of thousands of people gather every year to revel in the glory of brass instruments and good company. Considered an international event, many artists of varying nationalities perform.

The Cosquin Folk Festival is considered to be one of the most critical events of the year, in terms of Argentinian folk music. A beloved genre for its deep ties to ethnical roots and the heart of Argentinian culture, folk music has gone through many revamps and transformations over the years, but the appetite of residents and foreigners alike steadily demands more. There have been folk infusions with rock and roll, rap, and jazz, to name a few, and most are thrilled to welcome these innovations every year. Of course, the traditional aspects always remain the same, and plenty of fans hold fast to its unique timbre and style. This event takes place in the latter half of January every year.

One of the largest music festivals to hit Argentina every year is the Pepsi Music Festival. It’s definitely the longest festival that takes place with any regularity within Argentina, usually lasting at least eleven days. International musical stars such as the Black Eyed Peas, Iggy and the Stooges, Motley Crue, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers have performed here since the first festival in 2003. The set lists are always full of the smash hits of every year, featuring the artists at the tops of the charts in several different genres. Drawing in crowds of up to two hundred thousand people at some times, it’s not for the claustrophobic at heart, but it does make for a great time.

Music is one of the great wonders of the human experience, and words often fail to measure the amount of love and passion we put behind our musical tastes. It’s always amazing to consider how much words set to melody, or sometimes just melodies themselves, invoke such extreme reactions in us. Argentina features some of the best music fests one can ever attend, and they’re always once-in-a-lifetime caliber events.

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