The Musical Festivals Of Argentina

Music Festivals Argentina

If you’re looking for more fun in the sun out of your Argentinian vacation than the beach or hiking, or if you’re wanting to enjoy some music not thudding through speakers in a crowded club, you might be interested to know that some of the world’s most famous musical festivals take place there annually. Residents of Argentina are passionate about their musical tastes, no matter what the genre, and they love celebrating all kinds. These festivals draw in huge crowds, and some folks travel to Argentina just to take part in these massive fiestas.

For jazz, look no further than the Buenos Aires Jazz Festival, an event that’s taken place in the autonomous capital city ever since 2002, and still going strong. The festival caters to many different subgenres of this beloved musical style, especially the spicy Latin jazz. It was a smash hit since its inception after the city’s government organized the very first one, and tens of thousands of people gather every year to revel in the glory of brass instruments and good company. Considered an international event, many artists of varying nationalities perform.

The Cosquin Folk Festival is considered to be one of the most critical events of the year, in terms of Argentinian folk music. A beloved genre for its deep ties to ethnical roots and the heart of Argentinian culture, folk music has gone through many revamps and transformations over the years, but the appetite of residents and foreigners alike steadily demands more. There have been folk infusions with rock and roll, rap, and jazz, to name a few, and most are thrilled to welcome these innovations every year. Of course, the traditional aspects always remain the same, and plenty of fans hold fast to its unique timbre and style. This event takes place in the latter half of January every year.

One of the largest music festivals to hit Argentina every year is the Pepsi Music Festival. It’s definitely the longest festival that takes place with any regularity within Argentina, usually lasting at least eleven days. International musical stars such as the Black Eyed Peas, Iggy and the Stooges, Motley Crue, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers have performed here since the first festival in 2003. The set lists are always full of the smash hits of every year, featuring the artists at the tops of the charts in several different genres. Drawing in crowds of up to two hundred thousand people at some times, it’s not for the claustrophobic at heart, but it does make for a great time.

Music is one of the great wonders of the human experience, and words often fail to measure the amount of love and passion we put behind our musical tastes. It’s always amazing to consider how much words set to melody, or sometimes just melodies themselves, invoke such extreme reactions in us. Argentina features some of the best music fests one can ever attend, and they’re always once-in-a-lifetime caliber events.

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